Make Model kick off NME night at SXSW

Glasgow troupe gear up at Wave in Texas

Make Model kicked off tonight’s (March 14) musical shenanigans at the Wave venue as the NME evening party kicked off at SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Taking the stage at 8pm (CMT), the band played a well-received set of twee-pop that left the audience cheering for more.

“We’re Make Model from Glasgow“, guitarist Lewis Gate declared, “so let’s make it a good one.”

During ‘The Was’, Gate bellowed into two microphones at the same time as the gig geared up a notch, and the crowd responded with mass cheers and whoops.

The band ended their last SXSW set with ‘Czech Neck’ before leaving the stage, heading into the night to party. Vocalist Aimi Gould told NME.COM that she particularly wanted to check out Land Of Talk, her hot tip for SXSW.

Make Model played:

‘The Tea Song’

‘Folk Song’

‘The Was’

‘The LSB’

‘Alive Alive O’

‘Czech Neck’

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