British Sea Power ‘sweaty as a glass blower’s arse’ at SXSW

Band play rousing set in the Texas sun

British Sea Power played a rousing afternoon set in the Texas sun this afternoon (March 14), performing for an hour at the Mohawk venue at 5pm (CMT).

A good crowd had turned out to see the Brighton band perform, many tackling the heat by chomping on ice lollies which were handed out to the audience free.

Singer/guitarist Yan sported yellow knee-high socks and the word �EASY� written across the back of his shirt in pink tape.

The band opened their set with the stage deserted, with �All In It� blaring out of the speakers, creating an epic atmosphere as the band walked on stage and kicked off.

Playing a set largely comprised of songs from their recent album, �Do You Like Rock Music?�, British Sea Power found time to slip in old favourites such as �Remember Me� and Carrion�.

Before playing �Down On The Ground�, guitarist Martin Noble, obviously suffering in the heat, declared that he was �sweatier than a glass blower�s arse,� prompting laughter from the crowd. Later in the set he asserted that he was �still sweatier than a glass blower�s arse�.

Noble upped the ante towards the close of the gig, playing guitar with his teeth before, after an epic �Spirit Of St. Louis�, the band left the stage to huge applause and the venue was closed for the day.

British Sea Power played:

�True Adventures�


�Waving Flags�

�Remember Me�

�A Trip Out�

�Down On The Ground�

�No Lucifer�

�Lights Out For Darker Skies�


�Canvey Island�

�The Spirit Of St. Louis�

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