Fucked Up sing off balcony at NME SXSW party

Holy Ghost Revival get political

Fucked Up brought their hardcore punk rock ethos to NME’s South by Southwest party on Friday afternoon (March 14) by singing off the balcony to passers-by on the street below and stripping down at the end of their set.

The Toronto band’s frontman, who goes by the name Pink Eyes, displayed tremendous energy in the midday heat and ended his set by dropping his trousers.

Shortly afterwards, Holy Ghost Revival took the stage. The Seattle five-piece gave it their all with frontman Conor Kiley channelling Axel Rose and singing from the middle of the audience down on his knees.

‘Wet Rain’ goes out to our boys in Iraq,” Kiley told the audience, explaining later that the song was inspired by all the forgotten US veterans who hang out at a casino near his house.

The band also incorporated Madonna‘s ‘Like A Prayer’ into one of their songs, giving it a blues-rock treatment, and played a few new tunes including ‘No Pity’.

“It’s crazy being here (at South by Southwest) – it’s like a rock and roll concentration camp,” Kiley told NME.COM. “You’re up all night and forced to drink too much booze.”

Holy Ghost Revival played:

‘Flowers Of Evil’

‘Greeen Raised Vein’

‘Wolf King Of LA’

‘Gospel According to Judas’

‘Go On’

‘No Pity’

‘Wet Brain’

Meanwhile, The Pan I Am were forced to cancel their set due to technical problems and a missing instrument.

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