SXSW: The Pigeon Detectives get fans dancing on stage

Matt Bowman and co. play a host of new songs in Texas

The Pigeon Detectives played an energetic set of kinetic pop-rock this afternoon (March 14) at the Ceder Street Courtyard in Austin, Texas as part of the SXSW festival.

The band played a slew of brand new material, set for their forthcoming second album, plus during second song ’Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye’ singer Matt Bowman helped a woman in the front row climb up on stage and dance with him during the fast-paced song.

The energetic shenanigans continued throughout the set despite the sweltering heat. “Let’s have a singalong at the top of your voice – in your best English accents,” Bowman said before playing ’I Found Out’, prompting a huge mass singalong for the duration of the song.

Bowman helped the crowd to cool down in the sun by spraying them with water from his water bottle, much to their delight.

The Pigeon Detectives played a slew of new songs, including ’I’m not Gonna take This’, which showcased a continuation of the band’s trademark indie rock, although with more deft, precise guitar work that reminds of The Strokes.

The band left the stage after half an hour to rapturous applause, having won over the American crowd and found time to pay tribute to The Wombats, who are playing later on the bill, urging the crowd to hang around the catch them.

The Pigeon Detectives played:

’Romantic Type’

‘Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye’

‘I Found Out’

‘I’m Not Gonna Take This’

‘Say It Like You Mean It’

‘Take Her Back’

‘Everybody Wants Me’

‘Wait For Me’

‘I’m A Liar’

‘I’m Not Sorry’

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