Har Mar Superstar sprinkles pubic hairs on stage at SXSW

And he snogs a crowd member

Har Mar Superstar performed a rousing set in a stage set in a window at Esther’s Follies tonight (March 13) at SXSW.

Opening with ‘Body Request’, Har Mar aka Sean Tillman made the most of his double-sided audience, with provocative poses for both the in-room crowd and the ever-growing audience that peered in the window from Austin’s famous 6th Street.

Tillman’s trademark sexual behavior tonight included sticking his hands down his trousers and sprinkling pubic hairs around the stage, as well as stripping to his Y-fronts and snogging a female crowd member in the front row, much to her delight.

Har Mar Superstar played:

‘Body Request’


‘Cut Me Up’

‘Girls Only’

‘Tall Boy’


‘I Got Next’

‘Turn It Around’


‘Alone Again (Naturally)’

‘Brothers And Sisters’

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