Yacht destroys the stage at NME SXSW show

Equipment and bottles are chucked about during gig

Yacht took the destruction levels up a notch tonight (March 13) at the NME party at Wave in Austin.

Following fellow laptop-maestro Dan Le Sac, main main Jona Bechtolt stepped on stage saying:

“So you’ve been hearing music all day and you wanna hear more music? Is that what I’m hearing?

We’re called Yacht and we’re here to serve you we’re from Portland, Oregon, ever hear of it? Its a place.”

Launching into the first track, Bechtolt went on a destructive rampage around the stage, literally climbing the walls to precariously stand on speaker stacks that overlooked the street.

Leaping back to the stage, Bechtolt then started throwing mike and keyboard stands around, and then picked up a beer bottle lying on the floor.Throwing it against the drum kit, the bottle bounced off a cymbal and flew into the street, one storey below.

No injuries were reported.

After a set during which he joined the crowd, lay on the floor of the venue and sang, Bechtolt asked the audience:

“Is there anything I can do for you sexually or emotionally?”

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