Dan Le Sac plays NME show while deaf in one ear

And he covers Prince with Scroobius Pip at SXSW

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip performed a rocking show at the NME party at Wave tonight (March 13) in Austin.

Opening with ‘Beat That My Heart Skipped’ Le Sac went down a treat with the crowd that exceeded he rooftop capacity at Wave, and strained to view the show from the bar.

‘We’re playing twice more in the next couple of days so come along if you feel like it, if you don’t no worries, but do if there’s nothing else to do,’ Le Sac told the audience.

Throwing ‘Just A Band’ stickers into the crowd, the duo encouraged audience participation in their ‘just a band’ campaign.

‘If a band walks past you put a just a band stickers on their head and shit… take pictures and we’ll put them on our myspace.’ He promised

After the show Le Sac told NME.COM he is thoroughly enjoying his first-ever SXSW.

‘I was looking at the schedule and there isn’t an hour in the day where I couldn’t see a seminal band. Tonight was amazing, but I can’t hear in one ear since I got off the plane! I kept saying turn it up turn it up!’

The duno completed their set with a rousing version of Prince‘s ‘Cream’.

They played:

‘Beat That My Heart Skipped’


‘Tommy C’


‘Unspoken Word’


‘Look For The Woman’

‘Letter From God’

‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’


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