SXSW: Billy Bragg plays surprise show

British songwriter plays at Serj Tankian's bash

Billy Bragg played a surprise solo show tonight (March 13) at Stubb’s at SXSW, as part of the Body Of War musical showcase.

System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian played before Bragg on a night of one-off appearances and special shows.

Bragg came onstage at 8.10pm (CMT) and played three songs on acoustic guitar, opening with ‘Farm Boy’.

After playing ‘Oh Freedom’ Bragg said, “Thank you organisers for helping publicise ‘Body Of War. Musicians can’t change the world by singing songs, but we have a platform.

“Our message is that war is a terrible de-humanising experience, I’m proud to support that (view point). When will we ever learn.”

After his show, Bragg told NME.COM: “This is not my message – I’m helping to get Thomas Young’s message across.”

Bragg was referring to Thomas Young, a disabled Iraq war veteran and anti-war activist. “This is about Thomas getting his message across – war is not glamorous,” he continued. “War is a lie.”

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