SXSW gossip catch-up: Joe Lean’s super cocktail, Gang Of Four’s hobby

Catch-up on what music stars have been up to at SXSW

Welcome to the SXSW gossip catch-up, where we bring you all the latest ligging news and goss from the Texas festival as it goes on through the week.

The ligger spots geared up this year before most of the bands arrived at the bash, with one band almost causing a security alert at Gatwick airport in London.

While punters queued to check in their bags, a stern looking lady from British Airwaves loudly asked if anyone had left a bag over by the check-in machines, as suspiciously a large hold-all without an owner was lurking there – not good in these high-security times.

After a few more officials had joined in the hunt for the culprit, I Was A Cub Scout, who were queuing in line, sheepishly realised it was theirs, and shuffled over to reclaim it as fellow passengers tutted.

Over in Austin on Tuesday [March 11, Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong acclimatised to the hot climate by chugging icy mojitos in the Iron Cactus bar, with Joe mixing his with a marguerita to create an interesting new drink, before the band headed out to a private party held by Moby.

Later in the evening a large furry hat could be seen bobbing up and down above the bar-hopping crowds – it was Dev Hynes, aka Lightspeed Champion, getting his bearings downtown.

As the music began yesterday (March 12), Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man kept their energy levels up by chomping nachos all day, Danitoffendyou from Does It Offend You, Yeah? refused to remove his hot beanie despite the sweltering temperatures, and Joe Lean sank free beer at the Fader party.

The most unusual ligger spot of the day, however, had to be spying Gang Of Four’s Dave Allen wandering around the Fader party taking photos of everyone as they partied. Must be for his Facebook page.

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