Sons And Daughters rock Antone’s at SXSW

Scottish foursome play Domino records night at Texas bash

Sons & Daughters took the stage tonight (March 12) at Antone’s blues bar in Austin, Texas, as part of the Domino records showcase at SXSW 2008.

The four-some were playing at one of the hottest bills in town, with punters queuing around the block to see them and the likes of These New Puritans, Lightspeed Champion and The Kills, who were also playing on the Domino night.

Sons & Daughters, led by be-quiffed singer/guitarist Scott Paterson, kept banter to a minimum and played a tight, well-received set to the packed crowd, who booed when the band announced that they had to leave the stage as their set came to an end.

Opening with the immediate guitar thrust of ’Gilt Complex’, the band concentrated on showcasing material from their recent album, ’This Gift’, including recent single ’Darling’, for which vocalist/guitarist Adele Bethel took singing duties.

The band made a big impression on the crowd, which swelled continuously as punters rushed in to check out the band after lengthy queueing times.

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