Lightspeed Champion reveals SXSW Playboy party plans

Dev Hynes plays Domino records showcase night in Austin

Lightspeed Champion played a gig at the Domino records showcase tonight (March 12) at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, finding time to reveal his Playboy-related party plans for his trip.

The star – real name Dev Hynes – played a ten-song set at Antone’s blues bar at 10pm (CMT), after These New Puritans had played a frenetic set of art-pop at the venue.

The night was proving to be a hot ticket in town, with queues snaking around the block past the venue from as early as 8pm – despite the fact that R.E.M were in town to play a SXSW gig.

Hynes opened his set with ‘Happy Fucking Birthday’, playing acoustic guitar while accompanied by a violinist. During the next song, ’Galaxy Of The Lost’, Hynes was accompanied by London[/a]-based solo artist Emmy The Great on vocals and a drummer Hynes introduced as his friend Jackson.

“I’m just getting all my friends on stage,” Hynes joked, as he introduced Florence of Florence And The Machine to add vocals on stage.

Later in the set, Hynes[/a] joked about the huge amount of gigs he was playing at this year’s SXSW festival, saying, “After this I only have ten more shows left at SXSW!”.

The singer/song-writer introduced a new song as “written from the perspective of a Brazilian prostitute – not a whiney 20 year-old”, before playing an acoustic-led number that tells the story of a Sao Paulo prostitute and her thoughts.

“We don’t have cool, edgy beats,” Hynes grinned near the end of the set, adding, “but thank you”. He then bashfully revealed that he had plans to attend the forthcoming Playboy party at SXSW, after he had been invited as a joke by his friends.

Hynes ended his set with ‘Midnight Surprise’ before leaving the stage to great applause.

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