The Cool Kids play ‘on the fly’ SXSW show

Hip-hop trio pack out the Peacock in Austin

Chicago hip-hop trio The Cool Kids played a high-octane gig at the Peacock Lounge venue in Austin, Texas this afternoon (March 12) as part of the SXSW festival 2008.

Despite the band taking the stage much later than expected, at 6:30pm (CMT) due to a back-log of bands at the venue, the trio delighted the crowd with a high-energy set which saw rappers Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish drag chairs onto the stage so they could rap above the crowd, making for a spectacular show.

Opening their set by sampling ‘Beeper’ by Sinden, the band played a set characterised by mash-ups and frenetic samples.

“We’ve got no set-list – we’re doing it on the fly”, the band had told NME.COM before their show began, and true to their word the band fed off the crowd, building a party atmosphere as they careered through their set. With songs including ’Action Figure’ and ‘Black Mags’.

Ending their show with ‘Gold And A Pager’, The Cool Kids boasted the biggest cheers of the day so far at the venue, despite a host of talent preceding their set.

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