SXSW: Holy Fuck induce mass dancing in tiny venue

Canadian puzzle-poppers draw out hard-core fans in Austin

Canadian puzzle-poppers Holy Fuck played a rapturously-received gig at the Peacock Lounge venue in east Austin this afternoon (March 12), as part of the opening day of the SXSW festival.

Fans had queued outside in the sweltering heat to see the band up close and personal, and duly responded to a high-octane set by dancing, fist-pumping and cheering at every opportunity.

The band took the stage at 5:35pm (CMT) – over an hour and a half after their scheduled stage time, as events at the Peacock overran.


Despite the crippling heat, opener ‘The Pulse’ immediately induced the front row to dance manically, while during the following ‘Milkshake’ fans began pumping the air with their fists.

Towards the death of near set-closer ‘Super Inuit’, keyboardist Graham Walsh delighted the crowd by stuffing two microphones into his mouth and attempting to make a speech, which inevitably was indecipherable to the audience.

However, rapturous set-closer ‘Lovely Allen’ left them ecstatic and screeching for more as the Canadian band left the stage.

Holy Fuck played:

’The Pulse’



‘Royal Gregory’



‘Super Inuit’

‘Lovely Allen’

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