Syd Barrett leaves £1.7m in will

Pink Floyd legend fortune surprises fans

Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett has left nearly £1.7m in his will.

Many believed the songwriter, who died last year, was poor because of the modest, reclusive lifestyle he led in Cambridge after quitting the band in 1968.

However Barrett left his brother Alan £425,000 and his other siblings, Rosemary Breen, Ruth Brown and Donald Barrett £275,000 each, according to documents that were made public this week.

Breen who cared for the singer towards the end of his life, also received the proceeds from the sale of his Cambridge house, £310,000, and the £119,000 made from auctioning his possessions.

The recently revealed legal papers also indicated that Barrett’s mental state had declined in recent years. requiring his brother Alan to authorise the will under the Mental Health Act, the Daily Mail reports.

Barrett was a founding member and main songwriter of Pink Floyd before he left the band. He then released two solo albums in 1970.

However he suffered psychological problems believed to be trigged by experimentation with LSD and eventually retreated from public view, living the rest of his life in Cambridge.

He died last year aged 60 from complications arising from diabetes.