An unreleased film about Syd Barrett will be screened as part of series celebrating musician’s life

Fans can also take Barrett-themed walking tours around his hometown of Cambridge

An unreleased film about Syd Barrett has been announced.

The former Pink Floyd founding member passed away 10 years ago tomorrow (July 7).

A series of films about Barrett’s life will be shown as part of the 2016 Cambridge Film Festival, with ‘Get All That Ant?’ providing the centre piece to the run.


The free form documentary was filmed by Barrett’s former school friend and art student Anthony Stern. It is made up of film footage, stills and archive footage produced during the ’60s in Cambridge, London and San Francisco.

The film includes live performance footage and stills of bands including Barrett’s own Pink Floyd, plus The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Donovan. It also features a number of Barrett’s friends, including Iggy Rose, the girl on the album sleeve for ‘The Madcap Laughs’.

It will premiere on October 21 at the Cambridge Guildhall. Cambridge Film Festival runs from October 20-27.

Organisation Cambridge Live have also announced a Syd Barrett themed walking tours of the city on the weekend of the film screening. Barrett’s former school friends Stephen Pyle and Warren Dosanjh will lead tours through key places in Cambridge that were relevant to the guitarist, including his former family home, his school and the family homes of former bandmates David Gilmour and Roger Waters.

Tickets for the fim screenings and the walking tours will be available from the Cambridge Live website.