Syd Barrett poem to be auctioned

Pink Floyd founder's musings to go on sale

Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd founding member, is to have one of his poems auctioned off this month, a year after his death in June last year.

A pre-Pink Floyd, handwritten poem by Barrett, will go on sale on June 27 at Cambridge‘s Cheffins Auction Rooms.

The poem was written in 1965, and features an original drawing by Barrett.


The full text of the poem is:

Little Twig isn’t big

To you, but she is

To me.

But however I don’t like it

When she makes faces.


And she seldom talks

When we go to places

And meet people

And sit around.

But she prances at dances

Gets crushes, takes chances

With boys. Wears a hat

No shoes, and they flatter her

Madly. What of that?

Neat, maroon, blue and white

Lace and chord, velvet. Might

Even keep her coat on if its right.

Next week

All change

To purple

Or black


The work can be currently seen it at

Barrett retired from Pink Floyd in 1968, and only recorded sporadically in the years immediately following his departure.

He died on July 7, 2006 from complications arising from diabetes, aged 60.