Symposium star in their own computer game which fans can obtain from the band's website...

Symposium are to star in their own computer game which fans will be able to obtain by downloading it from the band’s website.

Stage Invaders is based on the classic Space Invaders game of the 1970s, but in the new game, the player takes on the guise of a bouncer trying to stop members of the audience stealing Symposium’s stage gear. Stage Invaders will be available later this month on the band’s official website, Sympomania .

The band’s manager, Hugh Gadstone, explains more: “It was just a bit of fun, they wanted to do something different. It came about because especially when they play gigs like the London Astoria, when the stage gets invaded, it just gets smashed up, effects pedals get taken immediately, microphones go, everything. Plus when they’re on tour, they just sit on the bus all day, watching crap videos and playing computer games. So they just put the two together!”


Symposium’s next CD release is ‘Blue’, the second single to be taken from their debut album ‘On The Outside’. ‘Blue’, out on July 6, is backed by new B-side tracks ‘Life Of Riley’ and ‘Carnival’ on CD1, with ‘Cartwheels’ and ‘Ode To Frogs’ on CD2.

Despite guitarist Wojtek Godsisz twisting his ankle onstage at Bristol Fleece & Firkin on June 3, the band are on couse to play the T In The Park and Reading Festivals. They’ve also announced a Kentish Town Forum show on October 23.

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