Synth makers Moog under threat from new Trump trade deal

The US President has introduced a 25 percent tariff on goods imported from China

Synth makers Moog have said Donald Trump‘s new trade deal has placed the company under threat.

The US President recently introduced a 25 percent tariff on around $50 billion (£38 billion) worth of Chinese goods, which includes “industrially significant technologies”. Trump has said he is prepared to add an additional round of tariffs that would bring that value up to $500 billion (£380 billion).

Moog have warned that the new tariffs could result in job losses and force the company to move production of its instruments outside of the US. All Moog synths are currently built in its North Carolina factory, but some of their circuit boards are imported from China when using ones from US suppliers isn’t possible.


In an email, Moog said: “We ask that you will support us by imploring our elected officials to recognise that these tariffs are seriously harmful to American businesses like Moog.” They also circulated a letter customers can send to elected representatives in protest.

Trump has argued the tariffs will eliminate the $370 billion trade deficit with China and halt the theft of American intellectual property. In May, China agreed to increase the amount of American-made goods it buys in order to “significantly reduce” the deficit.

The EU, Canada, and Mexico have also been targeted by Trump, with the President imposing steel and aluminium tariffs on the territories.