System Of A Down drummer says a new album is ‘going to happen’

John Dolmayan says that there are plans for a new LP, but not for a while

System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan has said that the band will record a new album, but not for at least another year.

The California metallers toured the world this summer, playing a headline slot at Download Festival in June and numerous festivals across Europe, but played no new material on the tour and have remained tight lipped on their plans for the future.

Speaking to Multishow, the drummer also said that the band might be touring again next summer, but that was far from certain.


Asked about the possibility of a new album, Dolmayan said: “For the people who are waiting for an album — I know there’s a lot of people waiting for an album; I’m waiting for an album just like they are. It’s going to happen when it’s right and when we can make something that tops what we’ve done in the past.”

The drummer added that the band were agreed that anything new they release has to top their previous work, he added:

We don’t really want to rest on our laurels — where what you’ve done in the past is what you depend on. Well, I don’t want to do that, and I know the rest of the guys don’t want to do that. Instead of resting on our laurels, we want throw them away and create something new and specific for this generation that they can say that’s their System of a Down.

Dolmayan added that any new album was at least a year away as the band’s frontman Serj Tankian would be in New Zealand and has a new solo album to promote.

He said: “We don’t generally work during Christmas so we’ll be home for the next three or four months. And then Serj [Tankian] takes off and goes to New Zealand for a couple of months — he lives part time in New Zealand. And then I think he’s got another solo album coming out next summer. So you might see System touring next summer, you might not.”