NME.COM has the low-down on the band's follow-up to ’Toxicity’...

System Of A Down have revealed details of their “more complex” new album.

Since the start of the year the band have been working on new songs in a rehearsal space in North Hollywood.

Speaking about the album’s progress, guitarist Daron

Malakian said: “We’ve all been stretching and growing as musicians. The musicianship on the new songs is more complex, more intricate and technical. We’re all so excited about being in this band and about getting into the studio to start recording the new album. There are a lot of things we want to try once we’re in the studio, we’ll be doing a lot of experimenting with these new songs.”

Singer Serj Tankian added: “There’s a good amount of social commentary in our new songs, as is typical with our writing in terms of lyrics. There are also songs where we deal with love, with reminiscing, relationships, politics, and funny experiences. But the thing that I find about the songs is that they’re less specific, they are more open to interpretation, which we like a lot more.”

The album will be the official follow-up to 2001’s ’Toxicity’. A release date has not been confirmed.