Two records will be released six months apart...

System Of A Down have revealed details of their ambitious new album(s).

‘Mezmerize / Hypnotize’ will be released in two instalments over six months, with the first half, ‘Mezmerize’, out on May 16 through American Recordings / Columbia.

Both albums were produced by Rick Rubin along with guitarist Daron Malkian, who explained the reasons behind putting out a double set: “When we started recording, we were focussed on making every song the best it could be, to really give a thousand percent to every single track.

“Doing a two-album set never entered into our thought process. But when we looked at all the songs we had and arbitrarily tried to choose ‘the best’ 14for one album, we realised that they all connected with each other. We didn’t chase this idea, it chased us.”

The tracklisting for ‘Mezmerize’ is:

’Intro (Soldier Side)’




’Radio / Video’

’This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song’

’Violent Pornography’


’Sad Statue’

’Old School Hollywood’

’Lost In Hollywood’

System Of A Down play a sold-out, low-key show at London Astoria tonight (April 4).