System Of A Down show in Chicago stopped several times due to injuries

Fan footage captured a number of audience members being carried away by security

System Of A Down’s gig at Chicago’s Riotfest had to be stopped on several occasions this weekend due to injuries in the crowd, with one stoppage lasting more than 15 minutes.

System Of A Down were headlining the middle night of the festival, last Saturday, September 15.

Wrestler Steve Schneider has written a personal account of his experience amongst the crowd on the site, saying that he could have died if not for the intervention of the festival’s security:

“I fell over during System Of A Down, then someone fell on top of me so I couldn’t breathe. Then once they got up, someone else fell on top of me. It was neverending. At one point I had someone on top of my back, and someone either sitting or standing on my head, pushing my face down into mud.”

“I couldn’t breathe the entire time, but then any breath I could take I was close to inhaling muddy water. It was the scariest thing in my entire life ’cos I had no idea how long I’d be trapped for. Apparently System Of A Down had to stop playing so paramedics could get me out, I was unconscious at that point so I have no memory of it. Both of my eyes are blood red from passing out due to lack of air and someone crushing my head and screaming for my life.”

NMEDan Kendall/NME

Riotfest stops off at three locations, of which Chicago is the middle one. It passed through Denver in late August, and will arrive in Toronto next weekend.

Fan footage, below, gives an idea of what went on from an audience viewpoint. After the below footage, fans report that System Of A Down continued for half a song, before being asked to stop again. Frontman Serj Tankian said from the stage: “It’s extremely awkward to sing when there are people who look like they’re dying right in front of me.”