Organisers in Auckland are quick to stop the show after last year's death crush on the Sydney leg of the tour...

System Of A Down‘s appearance at the BIG DAY OUT festival in AUCKLAND was halted today (January 18) after a crash barrier at the front of the star apparently collapsed.

Organisers, keenly alert to safety and security issues after the death of a teenager five days after collapsing at the Sydney, Australia, Big Day Out concert last year, were quick to stop the show after the barrier collapsed two songs into the group’s late afternoon set.

System Of A Down‘s lead singer Serj Tankian told the crowd the band had to stop because someone in the crowd had broken legs, but sources later said no one had been seriously hurt in the incident.

Organisers later released a statement saying stopping the band’s set showed they placed safety as a first priority. They said crowd surfing would now be banned from Big Day Out and anyone caught would be thrown out of the show. A new barrier system will be introduced for the remainder of the tour.

The concert was delayed for 20 minutes, until New Zealand band Shihad could set up on the arena’s second stage. After they played their show, System Of A Down returned to complete their set, and the running order was amended.

Other bands who appeared at the event included Prodigy, New Order, Basement Jaxx and Garbage.

The rain was the biggest worry for most patrons, with punters quickly forsaking the open-air stages in favour of shelter. However, outside, Prodigy debuted new material, songs that seemed to suggest the band are slowing the bpms down and becoming harder-edged. However, ‘Breathe’, ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ remained the highlights of a powerful set.