No signs of the riot that marred a public appearance in LA last year...

Thousands of peaceable System Of A Down

fans turned up at TOWER RECORDS in GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA yesterday (November 27) for the band’s only appearance promoting new release, ‘STEAL THIS ALBUM’.

A little over a year ago, System Of A Down fans rioted when the group’s planned performance outside Club Vynyl in LA was cancelled due to over-subscription of the event. To prevent a similar occurrence, organizers for yesterday’s instore told fans to queue early to claim one of the 500 wristbands available for entry into the signing.

Hundreds of fans camped out on Monday night and waited outside all day to guarantee themselves entrance to the late afternoon event. Many were turned away, but dozens of fans continued to line the street surrounding the store to catch a glimpse of the multi-platinum selling outfit. A light police presence helped the signing go off without scandal, allowing the band to spend their time autographing records, posters, musical instruments and memorabilia for two hours.

According to frontman Serj Tankian, System Of A Down

will now take some time off which they will use to recuperate after a hefty touring schedule and start work on the follow up to their ‘Toxicity’ LP.

He said: “Daron’s [Malakian, guitarist] been writing new music. We all work on stuff. But we’ve all been too busy with Ozzfest, ‘Toxicity’ and putting this record out to really think about, we’re not going to put a record out until 2004 at least.”

Tankian will also be putting his efforts toward his Serjical Strike label, which has its official launch in January of next year. Bassist Shavo Odadjian will spend some time concentrating on his DJ career, a representative for the band said.