The collaboration will include making noise with trouser pockets and a doll that make a "wah-wah" sound...

System Of A Down frontman SERJ TANKIAN is working on a new experimental side project with a multi-instrumentalist, avant-garde folk artistARTO TUNCBOYACIYAN.

The duo, performing under the name Serat, will release their self-titled debut this spring. The pair got together two years ago, when Tankian saw Tuncboyaciyan perform at the Armenian Awards in Los Angeles using a coke bottle half full with water and a tambourine.

“When I saw him and how artistic and how creative he was I was just driven to want to do something with him,” Tankian told Rolling Stone.

‘Serat’ will be the first release on Tankian’s Serjical Strike Records, and is reportedly a cross-genre, cross-cultural experiment, mixing jazz, dance, rock, folk, world music and classical. Amongst the “instruments” used on the record is a doll Tankian picked up in Japan that makes a “wah-wah” sound, Tuncboyaciyan running his hands through a pot of water and making a noise with his trouser pockets that sounds like bird wings.

Tuncboyaciyan, who appeared on System Of A Down2001 album ‘Toxicity’, said, “When you ask what is my instrument, I am my instrument. Whatever I can think and pull out. If you’re a rap musician, I don’t believe your ear only hears that style. You go outside, you hear the taxis… we have so many sounds, for me it’s the sound of what we’re surviving.”

Tankian has also made a twelve-and-a-half-minute mix-down of all the tracks on ‘Serat’ accompanied by a short film.

He commented: “What’s beautiful about ‘Serat’ is that any song you listen to is visual, picture evoking audio.”