Guitarist Daron Malakian says the conflict has had a huge impact on his songwriting...

System Of A Down have revealed how the conflict in Iraq has had a major effect on their songwriting.

Guitarist and primary songwriter Daron Malakian has been telling MTV of his own particular anguish at the bloodshed, since 40 of his relatives still live out in Iraq.

“For about a month-and-a-half I had no idea if my family was dead or alive. Then I learned that they were all still OK, and now I’m breathing easier, but we’re still waiting to see what happens. The situation is still not good.”

The personal trauma Malakian suffered during the conflict has been having repercussions for his work towards System Of A Down’s follow-up to last year’s ‘Steal This Album’.

“When something happens, I write a lot,” he continued. “But it didn’t necessarily bring out a lot of political lyrics for me, it just brought out a lot of emotional stuff. The songs deal with everything from the war to a rabbit that I ran over on my way home and how his relatives feel. System Of A Down is all over the board; we’re never going to focus on one thing.”