'Steal This Album' hits the shops this year...

System Of A Down have announced details of their compilation of unreleased songs, ‘STEAL THIS ALBUM’.

Produced by Rick Rubin and guitarist Daron Malakian, the album is currently being mixed in LA by Andy Wallace and is due for release later this year. The compilation will feature songs from across their career, from before the group signed their 1995 contract to the sessions for their new album, ‘Toxicity’.

Speaking about the record, singer Serj Tankian said: “We don’t consider any of these songs B-sides or out-takes. The songs that didn’t make it onto ‘Toxicity’ are as good as, if not better than the songs that did – they weren’t originally included because they didn’t fit the overall continuity of the album, and we’re happy that our fans will be able to hear them in their completed form.”

A final tracklisting is almost complete, with tracks set for inclusion including ‘Innervision’, ‘Fuck The System’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Boom’, and ‘American Dream’.

The artwork for ‘Steal This Album’ will resemble a home-made CD with no cover art. The title will be scrawled across the face of the CD, and complete credits and other information can be accessed by inserting the CD into a computer and logging onto a special Internet site.