The man behind 'Bowling For Columbine' gets behind the camera for the 'Boom!' promo...

Controversial documentarian MICHAEL MOORE has directed System Of A Down

‘s new video.

Moore, famed for producing films such as ‘Bowling for Columbine’ and ‘Roger & Me’, directed the video for ‘Boom!’, taken from the bands latest release ‘Steal This Album’.

The video focuses on the Los Angeles peace rally that took place on February 15, which the band had urged fans to attend on their website. The docu-video shows the band, armed with digital cameras, interacting with, and interviewing members of the crowd.

“It was really cool walking up to people and asking them, ‘What’s the overwhelming emotion that brought you here today? Why did you feel you had to be here?,’ and just seeing people tell their stories, ” frontman Serj Tankian revealed on MTV.

“We didn’t think that the media has really portrayed the enormous aspect and the beauty of people on the street voicing their opinion.”

Moore, who has previously directed videos for other political activists Rage Against The Machine, joined footage from the other rallies taking pace around the world on the same day. Locations included China Golden, San Francisco, and Hyde Park in London. The video, currently in postproduction, may contain animation sequences.

Though the focus of ‘Boom!’ remains on the injustice of the money spent on weaponry while children die of starvation, Tankian insists that the video is not a political statement.

“It’s not really even about politics to me,” he said. “It’s about the beauty of human life and it’s about telling people they can make a difference — that it’s our decision as Americans to decide whether to go war or not — and not someone else’s.”