Frontman Serj Tankian says he authorities see his band as "subversive"...

System Of A Down are the latest group to claim they are being monitored by their country’s intelligence services.

The group’s second album ‘Toxicity’ was at the top of the US charts on September 11 last year, and System Of A Down‘s popularity continues to grow in North America.

Now, speaking to Kerrang! magazine, groupmember Serj Tankian said he thinks the CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency, are keeping files because they consider them “subversive”. The CIA’s role is to co-ordinate the US’s intelligence activities with regard to national security.

He told Kerrang!: “The Doors were seen as subversive. John Lennon was seen as subversive, and he was only preaching love and revolution. Being seen as subversive is (a) perception thing and I don’t think most people see us as subversive and if they do it’s those who are looking at it from that angle, those that are running the show.

“I think they’ve had a file on me for a long time, but it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I get flak for saying what’s on my mind. But if I stop saying that, then what do I have left?”

Tankian is not the only musician who has claimed intelligence agencies are monitoring them. Last year, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke told NME that he knew things about UK intelligence service MI5 “that would shit your brain” but refused to elaborate because, he said, “they’ll do it to me, too”.