System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan criticises US Capitol rioters: “Our country is in need of sensible debate”

Dolmayan has been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump

System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan has criticised Donald Trump supporters for the riot at the US Capitol in Washington DC this week.

The musician sparked outrage back in June when he spoke out in praise of Trump, describing him as “the greatest friend to minorities” in the US. He later targeted Black Lives Matter, saying that the movement “never had legitimacy” and calling it a “propaganda tool” for the Democrat Party.

Despite this previous support, Dolmayan has shared his outrage after a large number of Trump supporters managed to force their way into the Capitol building on Thursday (January 8) following a rally, which caused the building, which is the seat of US Government, to be put into lockdown as politicians and nearby office buildings were evacuated.


“A rally, a protest, a movement, a debate, or any activism of any kind should be and can be conducted peacefully,” Dolmayan wrote on Instagram under a photo advertising Trump’s ‘Save America’ march.

“There are those who’s goal it is to create a civil war of thought in this country and the polarisation experienced in the last year has proven it. Our country is in need of sensible debate and a greater understanding of opposing views.

“Unfortunately I see a greater divide in the future and less acceptance of alternative thinking. Simply reading some of the comments below will show this.”

Going on to discuss Joe Biden and Trump’s repeated unsubstantiated claims of election fraud, Dolmayan added: “If Biden is in fact president I wish his presidency the best and will support the country in anyway I can, as an American that’s my responsibility and as a conservative that’s just my ideology.”


Last year, Dolmayan hit back at fans who have criticised his controversial political opinions. “Of course I do myself no favours expressing my opinions on social media,” he wrote, “but it is my opinion that it’s important to have differing views especially when you consider the band I’m in and how polarising some of our messages were though they didn’t necessarily represent the opinions of all of us all the time.

“If I simply kept my mouth shut as some of you would prefer there would be one less voice speaking against the wilful destruction and hate that is consuming so many people, hate and anger that will only bring a stronger and more violent reaction from opposing ideals. This helps no one.”