System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian says long-awaited new album isn’t “happening anytime soon”: “We tend to have different ways of wanting to do things”

It's not looking good...

System Of A Down‘s Daron Malakian has said that the recording of the band’s new album won’t be “happening anytime soon”.

Back in December, bassist Shavo Odadjian revealed that the Serj Tankian-led rockers had been at work on “material that tops everything we’ve done”. The musician added that he couldn’t “wait to record that and drop” what would be the follow-up to 2005 albums ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Mezmerize’.

Now, the group’s guitarist and songwriter Malakian has offered a fresh update – hinting that a new record is unlikely to materialise in the near future.


“There was a time that I was waiting and rooting for it and hoping it happens, but … I’m kinda really happy with what I’m doing with [Scars on Broadway, his other band],” Malakian told Consequence of Sound.

Daron Malakian
System Of A Down’s Daron Malakian

Speaking of the current professional relationships within System, he added: “We all get along as friends in System of a Down. So as friends, everything is cool and I have no problems with anybody. But then as band members, we tend to have different ways of wanting to do things. And it doesn’t seem like we meet eye to eye as band members.

“So, I never say never because you never know what happens. But at the same time, I don’t see that happening anytime soon that we’re all going to get together and make a new System of a Down album.”

System Of A Down live
System Of A Down perform live

Responding to Odadjian’s previous comments on the band’s new music, Malakian explained that his bandmate was referring to “material that I’ve just kind of been sitting on and trying to figure out.” He went on to say that he was unsure whether it would be released under SOAD or Scars on Broadway.


“And System of a Down doesn’t seem like we’re really coming together and making an album,” he said. “But there was a point that me, John, and Shavo were rehearsing those songs together but we didn’t really record them together.”

Last summer, Daron Malakian said that System Of A Down aren’t “enemies”, despite their creative differences.