SZA has permanently damaged her voice

The singer tweeted that she wanted 'to be left alone'

SZA has revealed that she has permanently damaged her voice.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the singer wrote: “My voice is permanently injured,” later adding, “Tonight was the test. That settles that.”

She then followed it up with another tweet, writing “I jus wanna be left alone my priorities are fucked up. They been fucked up. I need space goodbye.” You can see a screenshot of her tweets below.

Since deleting the tweets, SZA hasn’t commented more on the situation. Last week, she did post a statement to Instagram detailing the severity of her vocal injuries after she was pulled from the TDE Championship Tour.

“For anyone who hasn’t seen this . I’ve been touring for 11 months. This didn’t happen overnight,” she wrote. “Ive been troubleshooting for a while now and Usually steroids and pushing through help. They don’t this time . I’m not sick my voice just won’t fucking work.

“If I don’t pause now I’ll be forced to pause permanently . I’m genuinely sorry for every face,voice ,and energy field I won’t be touching ! I’m literally taking as many steroids as I can to speed this up!! Its a waiting game and super weird to be blamed for stuff outta my control but I get it ! again .. I’m sorry..I’ll be right back . Pray for me or don’t . Preciate u either way.” You can see the post below.

SZA recently collaborated with Childish Gambino for her new track ‘Garden (Say It Like Dat)’.