SZA reveals she “burst into tears” during a rehearsal of ’20 Something’

The track, which features her late grandmother, first appeared on her 2017 album ‘Ctrl’

Last week, SZA tweeted that she “burst into tears” during a rehearsal of her 2017 single ’20 Something’.

In a follow-up tweet, she confided in fans that the track reminds her of her late grandmother, Norma – who passed in 2019 at age 90, and is featured on three tracks from SZA’s debut album, ‘Ctrl’ – as well as “everyone else I’ve lost”.


In a February 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, SZA spoke candidly about how she was affected by her grandmother’s death.

“I didn’t want to make music,” she said. “I didn’t. I was just trying to not kill myself, and not quit, period. Because it was really fucking hard, and lonely as fuck.

“I’ve buried so many people in my life, you would think that I would be used to it, or just have a threshold. But my grandma broke the threshold for me.”

‘Ctrl’ was released in June of 2017. It was promoted with five singles: ‘Drew Barrymore’, ‘Love Galore’, ‘The Weekend’, ‘Broken Clocks’ and ‘Garden (Say It Like Dat)’. The following year, she teamed up with Kendrick Lamar for ‘All The Stars’, which featured on the Lamar-produced Black Panther soundtrack.

Alongside an appearance on ’20 Something’, SZA’s grandmother features on ‘Love Galore’ and ‘Garden (Say It Like Dat)’.


“You stand your ground,” she said on the outro of ‘Garden (Say It Like Dat)’. “If you don’t like me, you don’t have to fool with me. But you don’t have to talk about me or treat me mean.”

SZA confirmed in August of 2019 that her second album would be coming “soon as fuck”. She’s since released the singles ‘Hit Different’ and ‘Good Days’, as well as collaborations with The Weeknd and Travis Scott (‘Power Is Power’), Justin Timberlake (‘The Other Side’) and Doja Cat (‘Kiss Me More’, which the pair debuted live last month at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards).

In April, SZA opened up on her experiences growing up Muslim, admitting that she became “scared” to wear a hijab following the aftermath of 9/11.

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