T.J. Miller responds to claims he bullied Silicon Valley’s Alice Wetterlund

"It was not my experience that anyone was bullying her

Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller has denied allegations that he bullied former co-star Alice Wetterlund on the set of the popular HBO comedy series.

Last month, Wetterlund posted a string of tweets that criticised Miller’s behaviour on set – describing him as a “petulant brats”. She also claimed that other “male cast members” had “enabled” Miller’s conduct.

“They can fuck off forever,” she added.


Although Miller didn’t respond at the time, he’s now directly addressed the claims during a new interview on Jim Norton and Sam Roberts’s Sirius XM radio show.

“She may have had that experience, but it’s people trying to enter the headlines and get into the media cycle,” he told the radio hosts. “It was not my experience that anyone was bullying her or being mean to her.”

He also appeared to turn Wetterlund’s claims on their head, alleging that she was “difficult” to work with.

“Truthfully, I felt like it was difficult to work with her because she kept interrupting Zach Woods… during takes and even when she was off camera”, he said. “Obviously, there was some sort of disconnect because she’s saying these negative things about me and then attacking the mostly all-male cast of Silicon Valley.

The claims mark the latest controversy to have engulfed the comedian since he left the show.


Last year, he was forced to deny historic sexual alllegations dating back to his university days. In April, he was arrested for allegedly reporting a fake bomb threat on an Amtrak Train.

“It’s just a confusing time right now because there’s so much anger and [people] don’t know where to fire,” Miller said of the reaction to his latest controversies.

“I’ve been talking about the Internet in general turning the world into high school, where gossip is immediately true.

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