T-Pain shares video for inspiring new track ‘Get Up’

Feat. Malcolm X

T-Pain has shared a video for new song ‘Get Up’, including an excerpt of a speech by civil rights leader Malcolm X.

Co-produced by LevyGrey, 11VN, and the artist itself, ‘Get Up’ appears to be a motivational anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement that has led protests since the murder of George Floyd by US policeman Derek Chauvin earlier this month.

The clip begins with footage of T-Pain stood in a smiley face balaclava set to a brief recording of one of Malcolm X’s most iconic speeches, including the lines: “We are oppressed. We are exploited. We are downtrodden. We are denied not only civil rights, but human rights. So the only way we’re going to get some of this oppression and exploitation away from us or aside from us is come together against the common enemy.”


Proceeds from the single’s streaming revenues and merchandise will go to Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice. Watch the new video below.

“This song was actually meant to come out at the end of March, but I decided to switch it out last minute and release ‘Wake Up Dead’ with Chris Brown first,” T-Pain explained in a press release.

“We had all of the artwork and marketing assets created months ago. It’s very ironic because it all has so much more meaning to it now with everything going on in the world. I thought it was silly to hold this song. I want people to be motivated, inspired, and to continue to Get Up and push forward.”

Earlier this year (February 17) it was revealed that T-Pain had bought the rights to a slanderous website made about him, and begun selling his own merchandise from it.


The website fucktpain.com, which makes derogatory comments about him, came to his attention when a friend sent him the link, according to the artist’s social media comments.

The rapper purchased the domain for the website and immediately began using it to sell t-shirts emblazoned with the website’s slogan: “T-Pain sucks!”