Kate Moss after Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones for wedding – Tabloid Hell

Model also wants Kanye West and Beth Ditto for her bash

Kate Moss‘ wedding band wish list has appeared in a tabloid today (March 19) – and it’s a pretty ambitious one.

The supermodel is due to marry The KillsJamie Hince, and is supposedly putting in calls to Led Zeppelin, Kanye West and The Rolling Stones to provide the entertainment.

According to The Sun she’s also got her sights on Primal Scream, Duran Duran, Gossip‘s Beth Ditto and the remaining members of The Clash.

The paper quotes an anonymous source as saying: “She has drawn up her dream list of artists she wants to play and is wasting no time asking them. A lot of them are her mates and shouldn’t have any problem doing a number.”

They added: “Her pals are dubbing it Kate‘s mini-Glasto from the line-up she has in mind. It’s turning into a whole weekend celebration.”

Although Moss might have a lot of musician pals, she might have a bit of trouble getting Led Zeppelin to perform for her. Singer Robert Plant recently said the band won’t be playing again, explaining that he “can’t relate” to the band’s music anymore.

We’re sure everyone else will be up for it, though.