Tabloid Hell: KT Tunstall – the film?

Apparently the singer is ready for her close up...

Does the world need another unnecessary rock star biopic?

Despite the existence of such clunkers as Mariah Carey’s shockingly awful ’Glitter’, KT Tunstall seems to think so.

According to reports this morning (October 17), the singer-songwriter is set to co-write a film about the story of her life, although she will not be playing herself.

We guess the synopsis of the film would be pitched something like this: “Right, she’s just a wee girl from Scotland and all she wants to do is sing and play her guitar. She starts busking, she plays song with beardy weirdy King Creosote but in her heart of hearts she wants to make it solo.

“And then, some chick from ’American Idol’ covers one of her songs and she’s a hit.”

Surely we’re talking a 15-minute short play on Radio 4 rather than a major motion picture?

Sounds about as exciting as…one of her songs really. Start booking your tickets now, etc….