Mark Ronson: ‘Joss Stone didn’t make a pass at me’ – Tabloid Hell

Super-producer denies tabloid reports about him and soul singer

Mark Ronson has denied tabloid reports that Joss Stone made sexual advances towards him which he refused, and that he called the Devon-born soul singer “boring”.

It had been reported in the UK tabloid press that Ronson had turned down an offer from Stone, saying that he was “picky”.

However, writing on his MySpace blog, the solo artist/producer said that the reports were false, and that he has never actually met Joss Stone.

“I hate commenting on this bullshit but there’s some story going around saying that I refused the sexual advances of Joss Stone and also said she was some ‘boring, bland soul chick’ or something,” he wrote. “Let me set the record straight.

“I was definitely not referring to Joss Stone in that quote and I’ve never actually met her.

“I’m sure she’s a nice person and she has a lovely voice so I wanted to address this rubbish story and apologise to Ms. Stone, who kind of gets enough shit in the press as it is without being drawn into my tabloid drivel.”