Kid Rock pisses on Download Festival boss’s sofa – Tabloid Hell

Hip-hop rocker reveals what really went on backstage

Kid Rock has revealed that he pulled out of playing this year’s Download Festival because he thought he was treated badly by promoters – so he responded by urinating on the festival boss’s sofa.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Rock claimed that his band weren’t given any water and no access to a bathroom or a rider, inducing him to take the drastic action.

“They treated me like a fuck,” he said. “There was just one trailer for my whole band. We had no water, no bathroom, no rider.

“The final straw was when they wouldn’t give my crew any food or drinks vouchers.

“I called the promoter and told him he had two hours to get it sorted or I was out. They did nothing so I visited the promoter’s office, took a piss on his couch and left.”

Download organisers had released a statement claiming Kid Rock was ill and had been rushed to hospital. But the rapper said: “I was wandering the streets in Birmingham, trying to find a good movie to watch.”

The star said he would like to play Glastonbury next year instead.