Lily Allen under surveillance by US Government – Tabloid Hell

The singer has been kept under check by authorities, it seems

Lily Allen has been supposedly kept under surveillance by the US Government due to suspicions that she may have taken drugs, it is reported.

The Daily Mirror claims that since cannabis was found on her tour bus in Canada six months ago Allen has had to submit urine for testing on a regular basis and avoid being photographed in dubious areas in order to gain a US visa.

The newspaper quotes an anonymous source close to the singer as saying: “Lily felt like Big Brother was constantly watching her – it was freaky.

Lily had to have her pee regularly checked and then blood tests on top to prove she wasn’t on drugs before the US government would give her a working visa.

“She was terrified to be photographed anywhere that people may have been taking drugs in case she got linked to them. She even started staying in instead of going out clubbing in case certain people got the wrong idea.”

Lily Allen was successful in being awarded a visa, and has travelled to Hollywood to continue work on her new album. See pictures of Lily Allen working on her album on the Lily Allen MySpace blog.