Wiley wades into Glastonbury’s Jay-Z row – Tabloid Hell

He 'likes and respects' the rapper

Wiley has become the latest star to throw his oar in over the great Glastonbury debate.

Ever since Noel Gallagher claimed that Jay-Z is “wrong” for the festival, people have been queueing up to offer their opinon.

Now, the grime sensation has told the Daily Star that he thinks people have been getting the wrong end of the stick about the Oasis singer’s comments.

He says: “What Noel means is: ‘How come a US artist is headlining Glastonbury?’ He doesn’t mean urban and he doesn’t mean black. Noel is just upset because he’s not getting his band out there.”

Wiley also thinks Gallagher shouldn’t let it get to him.

He added: “He should stop worrying about what other people are doing. He’s got the money, he should stop being greedy. Personally I like Jay-Z and respect him.”