Justin Bieber teams up with the Middleton family – Tabloid Hell

Pint-sized popstar signs deal with the Duchess of Cornwall's parents

Kate Middleton‘s family have teamed up with Justin Bieber to sell his merchandise in the UK.

The newly christened Duchess Of Cornwall‘s family run a party planning business and have now agreed a deal with the tiny Canadian sensation so they can sell Bieber themed party packs in this country.

The new deal means that the family’s business can sell plates, cups, hats and decorations all bearing Bieber‘s face. They can also sell piƱatas with the popstar’s mug on too, which we reckon might be a much bigger seller.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the newly planned kits will also come with a guide of how to dress party givers’ dads up as paparazzi photographers.

This is the second piece of Bieber themed merchandise to be announced within a week, after it was revealed on Wednesday (May 25) that drug dealers in Toronto had honoured the singer by naming new strain of marijuana, titled ‘J.B Kush’, after him.