Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood hire dwarfs for wedding – Tabloid Hell

The small people will play pranks at guitarist's daughter's wedding

The Rolling StonesRonnie Wood is set to hire five dwarfs to perform at the forthcoming wedding of his daughter Leah Wood and TV producer Jack Macdonald.

According to The Sun the guitarist plans to hire the little fellas to dress up as elves and play humorous pranks on wedding guests. The plan is for the dwarves to leap out of bushes and steal ladies’ hats.

The newspaper quotes an anonymous source as saying: “They’re [Wood and his family] working on a theme based on the character of Puck – the cheeky sprite from Shakespeare‘s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

“The idea is to have little people in costumes popping up. It’s going to be a fabulous do with no expense spared, and the elves will make it even more fun.”