Glasvegas blame Carl Barat for visa problems – Tabloid Hell

'He's cost me a few thousand quid' says James Allan

Glasvegas frontman James Allan has revealed that Carl Barat was to blame for his recent visa problems.

Glasvegas had to cancel a Boston gig this week (September 29) due to the band’s visas not being processed in time for the show.

Allan told the Daily Record that a heavy night with Barat recently led to him missing his appointment with officials the next day.

Carl came along to our gig in London and afterwards I chilled out with him and ended up missing the appointment in the morning,” he said.

“He’s aware of it and is aware that he cost me a few thousand quid,” the singer/guitarist added. “We sat all night with a typewriter and piano and had some fun singing.”

Allan‘s problems didn’t stop there. Once the singer did arrive in the US, he proceeded to leave his mobile phone in a cab – losing all of his numbers in the process.

Despite these setbacks, Allan has said that the band are being received well across the Atlantic. “People were getting crushed at the front of the stage and going crazy. I felt like Ringo Starr,” he said.