Liam Gallagher cusses Gordon Ramsay’s cooking – Tabloid Hell

Oasis singer says his wife cooks better than Ramsay

Liam Gallagher wasn’t impressed with Gordon Ramsay‘s cooking on his show ‘The F Word’.

The singer’s wife, former All Saints girl Nicole Appleton, took on Ramsay in a cook-off – but Gallagher loyally stuck up for his spouse, saying the TV chef’s food was awful.

He said: “Me missus is a better effing cook than you!”

Gallagher then later told Ramsay: “Your cooking is bobbins.”

According to the Daily Star the word “bobbins” is slang for lousy.

Appleton took on Ramsay with a starter of pasta and clams, a main course of spiced pork chops and sweet potatoes and a desert of apple tart.

After tucking into his wife’s meal Gallagher told Ramsay: “Me missus does a better sweet potato than you do.”

The former hell-raising Oasis man also admitted he can’t drink like used to, as his hangovers are much worse now he’s older.

Gallagher said: “It takes me longer to recover from nights out.”

Catch this episode of ‘The F Word’ in full on Channel 4 tonight, at 9pm (BST).