Amy Winehouse’s anger at book release – Tabloid Hell

The singer has riled against the release of an unofficial biography

Amy Winehouse threw a strop yesterday morning (March 6) apparently, after seeing a copy of an unauthorised biography of her life for sale in a garage in London.

According to the Daily Star, the ‘Rehab’ singer entered the garage at 5am (GMT), and spied the book, ‘Amy Amy Amy: The Amy Winehouse Story’, then demanded that staff remove it from the shelves.

She had supposedly been on a “marathon booze bender” before the incident, and was stocking up on sweets.

An anonymous source is quoted as telling the newspaper: “She wasn’t happy. I don’t know if she’d seen something offensive in the book, or if she just didn’t like the idea of the book being on sale at all. But as soon as she saw it, her mood darkened.”