Pete Doherty is in trouble with his ex-cell mates – Tabloid Hell

Prison I.O.U.s have come back to haunt him

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty has apparently run up a large amount of debt from his stint in Wormwood Scrubs – and now the in prison I.O.U. notes have returned to haunt him.

According to the Daily Star, Doherty has got inmates on his back – and some could be out of the slammer and hunting him down sooner rather than later.

The star apparently racked up debts of over £100.

A source from the Wormwood Scrubs‘s exercise yard warned: “Pete should definitely still be looking over his shoulder. He was terrified when he was inside – he was getting threatened all the time and still not safe now.”

The source then ominously added: “They’ll even wait until they come out or send someone else.”

Doherty was released from prison on May 6 after serving 29 days of a 14-week jail sentence after breaching probation.