Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles in Barack Obama bust-up – Tabloid Hell

The rapper had refused to rap over 'Crazy In Love'

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles supposedly had their first row as a married couple recently, after the rapper refused to rap over one of Knowles‘ songs.

According to the Daily Mirror the argument flared up at the Hollywood Bowl, where the duo were attending a bash in honour of Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

The newspaper reports that Jay-Z began rapping over songs the DJ was playing, until the DJ span ‘Crazy In Love’ by his new wife. He responded by saying, “Fuck that. Sorry Bey but fuck that – let’s play something else.”

Knowles was not impressed by her new husband’s actions apparently, and stormed off.

The couple had an argument later on, but then made up and were holding hands by the end of the night. Ah…