Lily Allen ends Cheryl Cole feud – Tabloid Hell

'Smile' singer makes peace after Girls Aloud star is cheated on by Ashley Cole

Lily Allen has ended her feud with Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole, saying she feels sorry for Cole following the reports that her husband, Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole, had sex with another woman.

Cheryl Cole had previously described Allen as a “chick with a dick”, while Allen had responded by criticising the singer for marrying a footballer and wearing raunchy clothes on stage, branding her a “stupid bitch”.

However, speaking on her TV show, ‘Lily Allen And Friends’, Allen said that her attitude towards Cheryl Cole had changed.

“A couple of years ago if I had read the stuff about Cheryl Cole, about her and Ashley, I’d probably have had a little laugh to myself,” she said. “But now I actually feel really sorry for her.

“She’s beautiful. That’s why I hated her so much. I’ve seen her in real life but I haven’t spoken to her because she’d probably punch me.”