Rod Stewart’s world tour demands revealed – Tabloid Hell

Find out what strange items the singing legend has ordered

The backstage demands of Rod Stewart have been revealed, and they contain a good few surprises.

According to the Daily Mirror the singing legend, who resumes his world tour in Almeria, Spain tomorrow (May 30), has listed oxygen kits and footballs among his demands.

According to the newspaper “two first-aid type oxygen kits” need to be placed backstage at every gig. The 30-page demands list also features 48 white, Fifa size five non-logo footballs for Stewart to hoof into the crowd.

As well as the above demands, the list includes £8,000-worth of food every day for him and his crew, and a doughnut breakfast for the local team of helpers.

A marquee, a hotel presidential suite, the use of three limousines and British newspapers also feature on the demands list.